2016 MLB Predictions – RECAP

A few months ago I posted some predictions for the 2016 Major League season.  I had previously made these predictions to my buddy Steve and later found time to expand on them.  They were:

  • Maikel Franco to hit 30+ home runs.
  • Jason Hammel to win 15+ games and have a solid, but unnoticeable season.
  • Giancarlo Stanton to hit 60+ home runs.
  • Jose Bautista to be busted for PED’s.


Franco – Wrong!

It was a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde season for Franco as he socked 18 dingers in the first half of the season but managed just 7 on the way in.  His first half pace put him on track for 32, his second half just 15.  At just 24 years of age Franco has plenty of time to develop into the 35/100 guy I think he can be.



Hammel – Right!

The Hamm sandwich finished 15-10 in 30 starts with a 1.203 WHIP and a 3.83 ERA.  In 166 innings he allowed 148 hits, had 144 strike outs and allowed just 53 walks.  To top it all off he ripped 16 hits (3 doubles) and drove in 7 runs!

I had previously compared him to Jake Arrieta (calm down) so here’s how they stacked up:

Hammel / Arrieta

3.83 – ERA – 3.10

15-10 – W/L – 18-8

1.203 – WHIP – 1.084

8.0 – H/9 – 6.3

2.9 – BB/9 – 3.5

7.8 – K/9 – 8.7

This (successful) prediction feels especially satisfying considering the manner in which I found Hammel.  I wonder if this is how Billy Beane felt when he plucked Chad Bradford out of obscurity.

Chicago Cubs v Pittsburgh Pirates

(Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images)

Stanton – Big time wrong!

Stanton battled injuries again and managed just 119 games this season.  He still pumped out 27 big flies but did so at one every 15.29 at bats.  A far cry from the one every 10.33 he managed in 2015.

Mets Marlins Baseball

(AP Photo/The Miami Herald, Joe Rimkus Jr.)

Bautista – Wrong!

Nope.  Mr. Bautista was NOT busted for PED’s.  I think I may have figured it out though…


“I eat three every day to help keep me strong.”


Other ‘off the cuff’ predictions I had made:

Collin McHugh and Lance McCullers to combine for 30 wins – Wrong!

The Fighting Scotsmen combined for just 19 wins (McCullers 6, McHugh 13).  The ‘stros finished a disappointing 84-78.


Wil “Don’t call me ‘Will'” Myers to be awesome – Right! (sort of)

I didn’t actually predict Myers to be awesome but I did pick him up for my fantasy team after studying his 2015 stats.  Despite playing just 235 career games over the three seasons prior to 2016, he exploded for 99 runs, 28 tater-tots and 94 RBI’s.  He also stole 28 bases putting him the super exclusive ‘Exactly 28/28’ club.


The force is strong with this one.

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